Our mission is to provide a structured environment of competitive cheerleading while accomplishing both individual and team goals. We value the teaching of dedication, commitment, self-confidence, teamwork, discipline, responsibility, and leadership in a family-friendly, safe and fun environment.


Jacquilyn Smith, Owner

Jacquilyn, originally from Kentucky, grew up in the sport of gymnastics.  After completing level 9, she decided to try out for her cheerleading team. Her cheer career started at Paducah Elite.  Upon graduating high school, she received an athletic scholarship to the University of Kentucky, winning National Championships in 2012 & 2014. She continued her career at Kentucky as a graduate assistant coach to the UK Cheerleaders during their 2016 championship season.  She also competed on the USA National Coed Team in 2015, 2016, & 2017 taking home two gold medals and one silver! Jacquilyn has been coaching for 7 years and strives to help athletes reach their full potential in everything they do!


Brittany Forand, Coach

Brittany, originally from Pawtucket, RI has been coaching cheerleading for 7 years.  Prior to that she coached middle school and high school cheerleading teams.  She started cheering herself at the pop warner level and continued cheering through high school.  After high school Brittany competed on an open level 6 team.  While competing in all stars she won multiple National Championships.  Her favorite class to teach is Body Like a Rockstar.

Dylan Smith, Owner

Dylan Smith is originally from the East Coast and began his cheerleading career at LaSalle Academy in Providence, RI.  Upon graduating high school, he received an athletic scholarship to the University of Kentucky where he cheered 5 years for the 23-time UCA National Champion Wildcats. Dylan was part of 2 UCA College National Titles while at Kentucky (2012 & 2014).  He also competed on the USA National Coed Team in 2015, 2016, and 2017 taking home two gold medals and one silver! Dylan has been coaching cheerleading for 8 years and is passionate about taking athletes to that next level of their cheer career, whether it is all-star cheer, middle school cheer, high school cheer, or even collegiate cheer. 


Avery Sullivan, Junior Coach

Avery, originally from Coventry, RI began her cheer career when she was 12 years old.  She has competed at the Cheerleading Worlds & The Summit twice.  Excelling in stunting, tumbling, and jumps as an athlete, Avery looks to bring her knowledge and energy as a former cheerleader here to the coaching staff at Rockstar Cheer Rhode Island.  Avery plans to pursue a career in nursing as she works her way towards college. 


Travis Johnson, Junior Coach

Travis has been cheering all stars since he was  13 years old and competed at the Cheerleading Worlds in 2017, 2018, & 2019.  During that time he competed level 5/6 stunting and tumbling skills.  He has gained knowledge he hopes to share with his Rockstar athletes.  Travis was inspired to start cheering by his older sister Gabby who has previously cheered and plans on cheering again for the Rockstar Cheer-Abilites team, "Sweet Spirit!"

Skylar Betzold, Coach

Skylar has been coaching all-star cheerleading for the last five years and began apprentice coaching two years prior.  She first started cheering when she was 8 years old.  She was on a pop warner team and quickly got pulled into the world of all-star cheer just one year later.  In ten years of competitive cheer she competed on levels 2-6.  She won multiple National Championships including Grand Champs at US Finals in 2016 on a Open Coed Level 6 team.  She cheered for four years at Coventry High School and took on the role of captain her senior year.  She has led the Special Athletes program for 3 years, and she continues to share her love of cheerleading with athletes of all different abilities. 


Miranda Medeiros, Junior Coach

Miranda, originally from Coventry, RI began her cheer career when she was 12 years old and is now entering her 5th all star season. She has competed in every level, attending The Summit twice placing third in the Junior 5 division and first in the 4.2 division with Rockstar. Miranda was the captain of both her middle & high school basketball cheer teams. Her passion for cheer has driven her to coach while attending school at the University of Rhode Island.

Sarah Mountain, Junior Coach

Sarah, originally from Scituate, RI first started in  gymnastics which she continued for 5 years.  Sarah decided to make the jump to All Star Cheerleading at a young age.  In 2017 she was a member of a level 3 team that won the D2 Summit in Orlando, FL. The following season, Sarah became a part of the Rockstar Cheer family.  During her first season with Rockstar, she competed on Senior 4 and Senior 4.2.  At the conclusion of the season her team, the Temptations, won the D1 Summit.  As she begins her final year of all-star cheer, Sarah looks forward to not only cheering, but coaching and helping athletes reach their goals!